Scare monster is busted in NetHack 3.6.1: a story

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I, a thoroughly wiki-spoiled but not actually very good player, finally made it to Gehennom for the first time. I am doing pretty well so far in this game, all things considered. I made dragon scale mail from a silver dragon I killed back in the Castle. I got a silver saber out of polypiling and enchanted it to +5, then found another silver saber just lying around in one of the early Gehennom levels, and now my orcish Barbarian is dual-wielding those to cut through every demon in sight.

Heading down, I bribed my way past Asmodeus no problem. Juiblex’s swamp had no Juiblex because I had wand-of-digging-ed him previously after summoning him back in Orctown with my accidental same-race sacrifice of orcs.

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NetHack: More lessons learned the hard way

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I just got to Medusa’s level. I wanted to follow the same strategy I’ve had success with previously: dig down to skip the water, magic map the maze to find the stairs quickly, blind myself, walk up the stairs, and apply an uncursed mirror at her to instantly turn her to stone.

The first thing I did was try to dig down on the starting island. I promptly learned that water fills in pits that you dig adjacent to water tiles. Now my armor is rusty and some of my scrolls got blanked.

After using a scroll of earth and pushing the boulders into the water to make enough land tiles to dig down on, I made it to the maze level. The magic mapping went fine and I walked up the stairs with my blindfold on and my mirror ready. I even had reflection this time so I shouldn’t even have needed the mirror according to the wiki.

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NetHack: My most annoying death yet

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I’ve been trying on and off to ascend in NetHack for years now. I was just running one of my best games yet…

I started with a dwarven Valkyrie to make things easy. The RNG gave me 18/02 STR and 20 CON for my starting stats, so I had plenty of carrying space. This proved to be important when I ran into a huge general store early on. I purchased a leash from the shopkeeper and then used my little dog to rob him blind. By stealing high-level spellbooks and other expensive items and then selling them back to that same shopkeeper, I was able to build up enough cash to buy a plate mail from him. Together with some other armor, this brought my AC down to -5 by dungeon level 2. I was also able to identify lots of items in the process, including most notably an amulet of ESP which I again stole from the same shop.

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