Owner’s Manual

Originally posted to /r/WritingPrompts.

Prompt by me:

“Before purchasing a dragon, make sure to check the safety ratings from the National Dragon Transport Safety Administration.”

Thank you for purchasing the 2019 Volksdrachen Puk®! The stylish, compact, and efficient Puk sets a new standard in serpentine design.

Your dragon features:

  • All-wing drive
  • Tail-mounted backup camera
  • Pitot tube airspeed indicator
  • 11.5 inch bio-electrical touchscreen with Bluetooth support
  • Sail-fin antenna
  • Air lane-keeping assist
  • Parking claw suitable for most surfaces
  • Ten airbags with bronchial inflation
  • Adaptive cruising altitude control
  • Power steering

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Originally posted to /r/WritingPrompts.

Prompt by /u/ElectronicLoad:

You’ve developed telekinesis, but to your dismay you can barely manage to lift a pound, with no hope of becoming any stronger

The potato wobbled. I concentrated, contorting my face. Lift. Lift.

Nothing. It was too heavy.

Zapped by lightning and dipped in radioactive sludge at the same time, and this is all I got. The ability to make vegetables wiggle.

Could I lift my own hand? No. I couldn’t even feel my own hand with my power. Apparently it didn’t work on living matter. No ripping the heart out of someone’s chest.

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B Movies

Originally posted to /r/WritingPrompts.

Prompt by /u/BronzeHeart92:

Your roommate is a supervillain with the ambitions to take over the city. Nothing out of ordinary, right? Thankfully, he prefers to spend the time watching b-movies and munching on popcorn.

“So, Mike, what’s on for tonight?”

Hearing my name caught my attention just enough for me to realize I had heard my name. I was sitting on the couch, and the sound came from behind me. “Did you say something?”, I asked, craning my head around.

Alex hauled his old laptop out of its case. The thing weighed like ten pounds without any cables or peripherals—I knew from past experience, from that time I had to lug it through the airport. The laptop clunked as he set it down on the fake wood surface of the kitchen table.

“Yeah”, Alex said. “I said, ‘what’s on for tonight?’.” He repeated the words slowly, enunciating each sound like he was talking over a bad phone connection. I hated when people did that. I wasn’t listening the first time; I was listening now. He didn’t have to act like he was talking to a toddler with a learning disability. Condescending.

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